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Vegan Era Goodies!

Guess what!
The Vegan Era Crew have so generously collaborated a free mini nutrition book. Yes that is right... Free.

head to to download your FREE digital copy today.
Did I mention it was Free?


Bookmark this site ! Make it your homepage even... !

Immerse yourself in the Super Dooper articles on wellbeing for the Mind, Body, Spirit, Psyche of you, Psyche of me, our neighbours- the animals, the planet, the universe, the Cosmos.
Raw Food info
Community vibe and mabo.
Sustainable Bamboo and Organic Cotton Goodies
& the very special Jewellery handmade by Mandy Moo.

all the gods bless these folks.

Gosh, aren't they gorgeous?
This site is worth checking out just to spectate the eye candy of mandy moo and davey poo

Abigail O'Neill

Abigail O'Neill


Here's a recipe from the gorgeous Abigail.
(Surfer Chicky Mumma Yogi Kitchen Wizz Princess Ocean SuPeR Babe! )

Check it out 


SEP 10

Organic Baked Apples

I’ve just stuffed a few organic green apples with pitted prunes. Then spooned over them a battery mixture made of oat bran, macadamia butter, soy milk, vanilla & agave.. sprinkled them with coconut, now in they go to BAKE.
Baked Apples

How easy was that! My family will love these tonight served hot with a dollop of fresh organic cream. ♥

love love love,

Nourishing Quarter Restaurant!

The Gang from Nourishing Quarter
(Marrickville & Kings Cross Markets) have just opened up a long-awaited Cafe!

Also named the "Quinoa Kings" amongst friends who sometimes forget their name.. this place is a must try. Brand spankin new and even without a sign (just yet...) Send your tastebuds to....

315 Cleveland St, Redfern NSW 2016, Australia
02 8399 0888
Any place that combines Quinoa & Chia Seeds gets my vote! x

Must try: the vietnamese mini pancakes! 

x o x o 

Avalon Organics

@ Avalon, Northern Beaches Sydney

-Fresh Produce
-Grocery & Personal Items

Frenchs Forest Organic Markets

Sundays 8am - 1pm
The Parkway Hotel, 5 Frenchs Forest Road East, Frenchs Forest

Cheap Organically Grown Plants

Freshly Sprouted Beans and Grains

Homegrown Produce

Local Produce

Honest to Goodness Dried Products


Tip # 1: Make Your Own Worm Farm

Composting worms are one of nature's most efficient recyclers.

They'll chomp through old fruit and veg, cardboard and even vacuum cleaner dust. 

How to @


Capital Region Farmers Markets

@ Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC)
Every Saturday morning 8am til 1pm

And what a great surprise a Farmers Market sign is when driving from Sydney to Thredbo.... 
Something to look forward to this winter! xx